Information for Real Estate Brokers

Join our network of independent brokers!

If you are a real estate agent and/or realtor, you can show our properties under an open listing system, through a non-exclusive agreement.

Through an agreement with deShow you will have access to our inventory of properties throughout Puerto Rico. We have different alternatives in residential and commercial properties, as well as vacant lands , which satisfy different customer needs.

Take advantage of this opportunity and complement your property listing with our varied inventory. Become a deShow agent and start enjoying the benefits we offer you.

Call for information at 787.773.5114 or email us at [email protected]

To complete the registration process, you must have the following documentation current:

1. Real Estate Broker License (individual or business, if incorporated)

2. Treasury Department Merchant Registration

3. Tax waiver (for non-retention of the 7% tax)

4. Certificate of Corporate Registration (if incorporated)

5. Notarized corporate resolution identifying the people authorized to sign contracts (if incorporated)

6. Insurance policies (ask us for details)

To complete the hiring process, we will provide training on our systems, access and additional requirements.