Not ready to buy? Do you want to own your home but don’t have the savings for the down payment? Are you interested in a Move-in Ready property?

Our Rent-to-Own program is the alternative for you!

Imagine being able to enjoy the house of your dreams, while saving for its purchase!

Through a lease with an option to buy, you have the opportunity to rent the property for a term of between 18 to 48 months and accumulate up to 11% of the value of the purchase. This accumulation can be applied to the down payment at the time of the closing. For example, if the option purchase price of a property is $100,000, you could accumulate up to $11,000 at the end of the lease term, which equals to 11%.

Another advantage of the Rent-to-Own program is that we will offer you a Move-in Ready property. Many of the available properties have been restored prior to delivery. In case the property has not been repaired yet, it can be reserved for you, and will be ready in approximately two months.

Under Rent-to-Own the sale price is fixed from the moment the rental agreement is signed. It is important that you know that the program application is leasing and not credit. Upon signing the contract a deposit is requested that includes: $250 of processing fee, a month of rent as a deposit and a month of rent in advance.

The program is the ideal alternative if you are not ready to purchase. That way, you can select the property of your dreams, move and during the term of the lease, accumulate the money needed for the down payment of the future purchase.

Browse the available Rent-to-Own property inventory. The properties indicate the monthly payment and how much you would accumulate at the end of the term of the contract to be used as a down payment at the time of purchase.

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